Gökhan Yildirim
President & Founder of World Sustainable Energy Institute (WSEIN), Global Director & Founder of WSE Initiative
Gökhan has BSc from the Technical University Yildiz in Istanbul and MSc from the Technical University Vienna, Austria. His studies focus on Integrative Traffic Planning, Transport Planning, Management of Municipalities. Gökhan’s Master’s Thesis was «The use of the Ecological Footprint in Trafашсc Planning and the Comparison of the Passenger Trafc Structure between Istanbul and Vienna with this method».

In 2009 he founded Reviesta Consulting Group, Environmental Technologies e.U. and Reviesta Türkiye in Istanbul. In 2007 – 2008 Gökhan worked for REHAU Unlimited Polymer Solutions, Marketing, distribution and control in South East Europe and before for Austrian DOKA FORMWORKS LTD and Yildirim Electronics Wholesale, Istanbul.

Gökhan has Waste to Energy Certifcate, Austrian Water and Waste Management Association and Diploma Course in Project Management, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna.