The «Business for Smart Cities» Award

PO «City Development Fund», LLC «Business for Smart Cities» in partnership with «Association of Ukrainian Cities» invite Ukrainian cities to participate in the competition: «Cities that believe in the future».

Cities that believe in the future

The first thing that a City needs for design its future is a Strategic Plan with a deep analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses but also about the Opportunities and the Threatens in the context of Sustainable development goals achievement. After this important internal analysis is the moment to define the Mission and the Vision of the City and the Objectives at a short, medium and long term.
The Strategic Plan then should define the way and the means to reach those objectives considering SDGs indicators, including: human resources, partnerships with private sector, NGOs and academia, governance models, funding and financing resources.
Once this has concluded is the moment to select the first projects that will start to implement the future.
Business for Smart Cities and City Development Fund wants to support cities to design its future. The way to do it is selecting one city every year and finance and draft the Strategic Plan that will become in the catalyser of change, and support the city in this Plan implementation and promoting the city activity worldwide.

Who can participate?
In this first edition, only Ukrainian cities have the opportunity to be selected.
Size: more than 100.000 inhabitants

Conditions to participate:
The BSC Award is addressed to Ukrainian cities that have the intention to implement a successful project (projects) that will improve the quality of life of citizens. 
This project (projects) should be:
  • developed in collaboration with a private company
  • started in the next two years
The Proposal should be presented by the Mayor of the city with letters of support of the main stakeholders of the city from private sector and academia.

Content of the proposal
Letter of intent from the mayor presenting the proposal.
Maximum of 5 pages explaining why the city wants to draft the strategic plan, what are the objectives of the city in a short medium and long term. Who will be involved in the drafting and implementation of the Strategic Plan (existing structure inside and outside the City Council, including private sector and academia and readiness to improve it if necessary). How they will ensure that the Strategic Plan will be implemented.

Criteria of selection
  • Strong leadership of the Mayor and the City Council
  • Involvement of public sector, private sector and academia in the design and implementation of a future city project 
  • Showing understanding of the situation in the city
  • Definition of realistic objectives
  • Showing realistic ideas on infrastructure projects that will improve quality of life of citizenship and could be interesting for private investors

  • Call for Awards opens 
  • Deadline for applications –  2 months after publication of Call of Awards
  • Pre-selected candidates informed -  1.5 months after deadline
  • Results announced at the BSC 2020 Awards

Honorary diploma to the city
Elaboration of a Smart City Strategic Plan of the city and mechanisms of its implementation during 1 year
Content of Strategic Plan:
  • Diagnosis and positioning
  • Future vision. For this, interviews and workshops will be carried out with public entities, industry, academia, etc.
  • Action plan or road map
  • Management Plan that includes command box
  • Implementation:
  • Selection of priority projects
  • Initial structuring of first project.
Support the city in Smart City Strategic Plan implementation and promote worldwide

Please send your proposals to:
Contact person: Tamara Soloviova
tel. - 0678294934
April 22-24, 2020
Venue & contact
Congress and Exhibition Center "PARKOVY"
Park Road 16a, Kyiv,
Ukraine, 02000 
Ukrainian Division of BSC
+380 44 286 36 63
+380 44 286 34 63

International Division of BSC
+34 93 506 69 63