Private & Side Events

As a regional event that aimed at setting cooperation between cities and sharing experiences, Business for Smart Cities promotes the development of private or parallel events between cities, both in the region, and other areas of the world with similar problems, such as cities of Latin America.

Spaces will be provided so that companies or organizations can have events for their clients or collaborators.

Contact us to organize your private networking event.

SIDE EVENT 1 Evidence-based policies to achieve Sustainable Development Goals: Promoting policy coherence for sustainable urban transformation in Ukraine

The goal of the workshop is to strengthen national capacities for developing evidence-based policy-making for sustainable urban development with a focus on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development implementation on national and municipal levels.
The workshop will bring together representatives of the national and local governments of Ukraine, of UN agencies and other international organizations, national and international experts, representatives of NGOs and of academia.


The event consists of four interactive sessions where experiences of activities supporting achieving the SDG 11 and other urban-related SDGs at national and local levels in Ukraine will be discussed and practices in the development and use of data for sustainable urban development policies will be shared.
The workshop will have a special focus on promoting policy coherence across sectors at the international, national and local levels. The event will present several tools for the localization of the implementation of SDGs, including those related to innovative financing and people-first Public-Private Partnerships.

Description of the event

The first session will commence with the introduction of the goal and objectives of the workshop. The “Sustainability Leadership Programme - localising SDGs in the Eastern Partnership countries” will be introduced as a peer-learning opportunity focused on SDG localization for representatives of national and local governments of Ukraine and peers in the EaP.  
The Second Session will discuss “Tools and approaches to implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the harmonization of urban policies at all levels”. The ‘UNECE guidelines on policies for sustainable urban development’, which feature several examples of approaches to evidence-based policy-making considering various data needs in terms of data production, management and use of data will be presented.
The Third Session City-level experiences of localizing SDGs” will provide a platform for peer-to-peer learning between representatives of local governments of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Sweden and Norway. Together, they will exchange experiences in localizing the SDGs in their countries.
The third session will also include the Interactive Exercise “Policy coherence for sustainable urban development – mapping challenges and ways forward”. The fourth session concludes the event with a discussion on next steps for the collaboration with the Government of Ukraine on sustainable urban development.

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SIDE EVENT 2 Training session: How to finance Smart City Projects through public private partnerships

The goal of the training session is to strengthen national capacities for design PPP projects in the context of Smart &Sustainable Cities Strategies Implementation, including People First PPPs.  
The session will bring together representatives of the national and local governments of Ukraine, of UN agencies and other international organizations, banks representatives, Fintech solutions providers, construction and concession companies

Description of the event

The training session consists of presentations of Eva Bufi, General director of “Ardana Consultants”, Spain, and prof. Iryna Zapatrina, founder of PPP Academy, Ukraine, and interactive discussions with participants of the training regarding opportunities of PPP mechanism implementation for sustainable urban development.   
The session will have a special focus on financial mechanisms that could be apply to infrastructure project implementation on emerging markets.  Tools and instruments to finance infrastructure projects on emerging markets as well as examples of projects with innovative solutions in smart cities will be presented and discussed. 
April 22-24, 2020
Venue & contact
Congress and Exhibition Center "PARKOVY"
Park Road 16a, Kyiv,
Ukraine, 02000 
Ukrainian Division of BSC
+380 44 286 36 63
+380 44 286 34 63

International Division of BSC
+34 93 506 69 63