Artyom Liss
Editorial Lead, BBC World Service 2020 Project; formerly Head of Europe, BBC World Service
Artyom is an experienced media manager, editor and reporter.

Currently working with BBC Strategy on the development of long-term editorial plans for the BBC World Service, he was previously Head of the Europe Region in the BBC World Service.

He has been directly in charge of all BBC output in the Russian, Ukrainian, Azeri and Serbian languages. Under his leadership, the department doubled its audience; and its reporters received numerous international awards.

Before joining the BBC World Service, Artyom reported and produced for BBC’s English-language programs. His output included reports from war zones, investigations, documentaries.

Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Artyom started his journalistic career at Kharkiv regional radio. He also worked as reporter and presenter at a local TV company. In the 1990s, he worked in Moscow, at VID TV company, as correspondent of the popular TV show, Vzglyad, and a producer on a leading talk-show.

He is particularly interested in leadership development in media organizations around the world; and his primary focus in this area is working with Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking broadcasters.

Artyom spends his spare time doing street photography, piloting light aircraft and playing squash.



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